Jewish Voices for Peace

We stand with innocent Israeli and Palestinian civilians. We stand for humanity, freedom, and justice. These statements aren’t mutually exclusive, but each is in fact necessary for the next one to be true.

We condemn Hamas — a terrorist organization, as designated by the US, EU, and UK — for their brutal massacre of 1,400 innocent civilians and taking hostage of over 200 innocent civilians. Babies, children, elderly individuals, and women from over 40 countries were intentionally raped, tortured, burnt alive, beheaded, and killed by Hamas in the space of a few hours. leading to the largest loss of Jewish life in a single day since the Holocaust. Hamas has launched over 7,000 rockets into Israel with 700 landing within Gaza and destroying the Al-Ahli hospital along with other life-sustaining Gazan infrastructure. While firing missiles from the bases of kindergartens, hospitals, and apartment blocks, Hamas not only seeks refuge in their network of underground tunnels but actively prevents Palestinian civilians from evacuating establishments that are about to be bombed. Hamas is the blame for the killing of 4,000 Palestinians, with that number only expected to exponentially increase.

The Hamas charter has called for the annihilation of all Israeli Jews, followed by the annihilation of the Jewish diaspora.

Therefore, we stand in solidarity with Israel in its right and duty to protect its own civilians and sovereignty. We stand with Israel in their mission to eradicate Hamas, a contagious virus that has infected the middle east. We realise that only through the victory of Israel can Israeli Jews and Palestinians truly be liberated from the evil inflicted by Hamas and unite to rebuild a just and democratic society.